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Many Faces Of Induction

Stages of Abstraction as seen by an artist. Near photo to less and less detail until geometric block shapes

Induction is essential to a broad spectrum of our thinking, from categorizing our surroundings to choosing our next action, from artistic creation to scientific discovery.

Thought Train Length

Thought Train

Thought trains, sequences of thoughts, are crucial features in how we determine mentally handle our changing environment in satisfying our needs, our desires, and our goals. We think in relatively short chains of thoughts, some connected by logic and some connected by similarity.

Triune Mind. Logic and Association at Peak

Mental Construction Model

The Mental Construction model (on the left) displays the levels and relationships that our brain and mind use to handle daily life. Base. 3S Imperatives Let’s start at the base, 3S Imperatives. Satisfaction of material needs (food, water) and Sexual urges are physical urges originating in the earliest organisms (exhibited in our brainstems) and continue…

Brain or Mind

Brain features and functions

The mind works on a construction of shared reality … shaped by experiences, individual genetic imperatives, and idiosyncratic neural properties.

Left and Right Brain

Left brain, language areas with connecting neural bundle. Motor cortex shown to orient view

The left-right brain distinction is exaggerated, yet language has a preference. That results in a difference between immediate and planned responses.