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Mental Construction is the theory of rational thinking based on neural properties. Posts in the Mental Construction category are important to the entire theory rather than to a specific aspect of the theory

Learning Critical Period

Learning Critical Period

Neuro-biological conditions explain the existence of critical periods in the most fundamental skills that we learn in the first decade of our life, understanding sensory information and the use of language.

Mental Construction Terminology

Translation English to Russian to English goes awry

In writing and organizing this web site, I have found that artificial neural networks and cognitive psychology use different terminology for key Mental Construction concepts. Terminology Used The table lists the most important terms to assist the readers from those fields to understanding the ideas developed in Mental Construction. Mental Construction Deep Learning Psychology of…

Almost Gate

Neural threshold exceeded example

The neuron’s threshold and its all-or-none signaling results in almost matches being treated equally downstream in the brain. The Almost Gate lets many inputs over its barrier. Henceforth they are treated the same.

Pattern-Matching and Invariance

A seawall lets only some waves beyond

In neuroscience, the process I call pattern-matching is sometimes referred to as an invariant operation. Yohan John in Quora raises the question How does your brain discover association in the midst of so much disassociation? and suggests the form of the answer. That’s a question that has nagged at me for thirty plus years. His…