Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Intuition. What is it? A primary avenue through which we achieve intuition is with the Almost Gate. Concepts that are not identical are treated as the same.
  • Right brain-Left brain. Is Mental Construction related to differences in left and right hemispheres processing? Only incidentally. That dichotomy allows casual discussion to ignore the synchronization of information that occurs in normal perception iteratively between the two hemispheres. Old brain (limbic) and new brain (cortex) is a better explanation for the interactive role between emotions and conscious thought.
  • 100-step rule. A human can recognize the picture of another person in about 100 ms. Given the processing time of 1 ms for an individual neuron this implies that a certain number of neurons, but less than 100, are involved in serial; whereas the complexity of the task is evidence for a parallel processing, because a difficult recognition task can not be performed by such a small number of neurons. Albrecht Schmidt, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. https://www.teco.edu/~albrecht/neuro/html/node7.html
  • fMRI. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging is the most detailed observation available of neuron functioning. It’s important to know that 1 mm surface area of cortex’s 2000 sq. cm is analyzed. Despite that small area, the fMRI result covers a few million neurons with tens of billions of synapses.