Table of Contents

  1. Mental Construction. Characteristics of the brain’s neurons shape our understanding, our thoughts, our ethics, and our actions.
  2. External to Internal. Sensory data to mental worldview
    1. Partial and Personal Experience. Importance of our life events to our worldview and to our understanding
    2. Genetic Factors. Common human construction yet unique, idiosyncratic features
    3. Learned Knowledge and Uncertainty
  3. Neural Connections. Regularities in the cortex
    1. Neurons. Their components
    2. Neural Threshold. The Almost Gate
    3. Maps in the Brain. Sensory and Semantic
  4. Brain Building. Humans the result of a myriad of stages
    1. Brain Through the Ages. From vertebrates to humans, nature builds upon existing solutions
    2. Development to the Adult Mind.First impressions to second hand information to academic learning
  5. Cognition.
    1. Sources of thought. Immediate, remembered, and associated
    2. Concept Elevation. Knowledge in the mental world
    3. Neural cascade
    4. Reasoning. Similarity and Logic
  6. Creativity & Mental Construction  Dimension, Height of Almost Gate, Learning Maps Up the Concept Elevator, and Inductive and Logical paths to Goal Satisfaction


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