Left-Right Brain Discussion

Figure 1. Decision-making components compared across prefrontal portion of corpus callosum

The corpus callosum connects the two cortical hemispheres 200 million times, linking the cortical mass of 15 billion neurons. With a very broad brush, we can say that there is a comparison (with the opportunity for either side to replace its current neural summary with that of the other hemisphere) every 75 neural steps.

How similar is similar enough?

Fidelity is calculated as the number of combinations of excitatory and inhibitory inputs that make the inequality true divided by the total number of combinations possible.

Partial Pattern Completion. Evidence

Figure 5. Flock of birds. Large wedge of starlings in a well-defined flock against the background of uniform sky

Gestalt psychologists have documented many instances that support the basic grouping principles, which detail many of the ways in which the human mind completes partial data and lay open the interpretation that those principles support matching higher level concepts.

Non-Logical Drives Hierarchy

Non-logical drivers of decision-making

Emotions are non-logical drives of the choices we make. They are non-logical. They arise from our genetic heritage and our personal experience rather than from logical deduction.