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How similar is similar enough?

Fidelity is calculated as the number of combinations of excitatory and inhibitory inputs that make the inequality true divided by the total number of combinations possible.

Brain or Mind

Brain features and functions

The mind works on a construction of shared reality … shaped by experiences, individual genetic imperatives, and idiosyncratic neural properties.

Memory and Levels of Explanation

Memory Types. Sensory, Short-term, Long-term. More in text

Memory is an essential component to understanding our behavior. Learning associated with experience provides the clearest model. Memory is coincident with the formation of semantic maps of experiences. Higher learning, as by instruction in school, is described experience, not direct experience; nevertheless, the process of remembering the ideas, theories, and facts are also semantic maps,…

Pattern-Matching and Invariance

A seawall lets only some waves beyond

In neuroscience, the process I call pattern-matching is sometimes referred to as an invariant operation. Yohan John in Quora raises the question How does your brain discover association in the midst of so much disassociation? and suggests the form of the answer. That’s a question that has nagged at me for thirty plus years. His…